Is it possible to build a multi user group sign on WordPress?

Hi peeps,

I’m a UX designer and totally out of my depth concerning website coding.

I’m working on a project that is a networking platform for 2 separate types of user groups (Job seekers / Employers). My question is, is it possible to build such a platform on WordPress?

The website needs to have 2 separate signup flows:- 1 for the employer and the other for job seekers (potentially a third flow later for coaches).

After researching I am not even sure what to call this type of build. From what I’ve read there’s RBAC type of programming but that seems to just allow to categorise users and give/limit access to certain things. (I’m a total noob concerning this, maybe I’m looking in the wrong direction here).

I’m trying to figure out whether it is possible to build a Role based registration on WordPress that will provide each user with their own (different) Profile page. I’d be happy for any directions on where to search next.

The other option is to just hire a (Python/laravel/PHP etc…) developer to code the website from scratch? Not sure if website builders are capable of doing this.


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