Is it possible to edit the mobile and desktop versions of your website independently of each other?

Hi, this will probably seem like a stupid question to anyone with experience but I’m new to WordPress and in the middle of making my first site. I’ll get the format and styling for a page down in desktop, but then it won’t translate well to mobile and vice-versa. When I edit the style in one viewport mode, the changes will also apply to the opposite viewport and thereby mess it up. How can I edit each viewport mode independently? Of one another?


  1. That’s not really how it works. There’s a single “view”, and it will adjust itself based on the screensize of the viewer (typically the device width).

    Are you able to share your URL so we can see what you’re referring to exactly?

  2. Sounds like CSS Media Queries are what you’re looking for. You can specify min and max resolution breakpoints for different devices. Developer tools will let you view the site as it would appear on various mobile devices / screen resolutions.


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