Is it possible to link ACF Flexible Content Layout sections to Elementor section templates?

If you have a [Flexible Content]( field group set up with a bunch of different Layout sections, each with their own set of fields, is it possible to link each Layout section to an Elementor section template, such that, when a particular Layout section is selected to be added to a page, then the associated Elementor section template will also be added to the page front-end?

I have seen this done with code and PHP template partials from the theme’s folder, but just wanted to know if it was possible with Elementor section templates.

When setting up the Section template, since it is linked to the Layout section in the Flexible Content field group, I would have linked the fields in the Layout to various elements of the section template.

So essentially I’m looking for a plugin that assembles an Elementor page dynamically, based on which Flexible Content Layout sections have been added to and populated for a given page.

I hope I am explaining that clearly enough.


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