Is it possible to reply to fediverse posts as a WordPress author with the ActivityPub plugin installed? + other questions

Hi all. I’ve been playing around with the ActivityPub plugin to see what I can do with it, and I’ve run into some weirdness that I’m hoping can be resolved.

So far, I’ve installed ActivityPub, Friends, Enable Mastodon Apps, and Webfinger.

Stuff that works:

* I can view my WordPress author account from Mastodon and it shows my posts.
* I can follow Mastodon accounts from the “friends” dashboard.
* I can sign into my WordPress account through Tusky and browse the posts of everyone I’ve followed, and I can author posts from Tusky. Cool.
* I get email notifications if someone on Mastodon mentions me.

Stuff that’s weird / doesn’t work:

* When I reply to someone else’s post, that reply shows up as an OP and isn’t associated with the post I’m replying to. It also shows up as a regular post on my blog, which I’d like to avoid.
* Nobody on Mastodon gets notifications if I mention them or reply to them.
* Nobody gets notified if I follow them.
* My posts show up as [post content] [link to post]. Makes me look like someone who uses a signature on their SMS messages. Eek.

Anyone know if these things are possible to fix or work around? I get that installing ActivityPub doesn’t make your site a full-on Mastodon instance, but it’s getting so close! I’d love to be able to make this work eventually; seems like a nice way to exist on the fediverse on a custom domain without forking over an additional $6/month to run Docker or pay for a boutique Mastodon host.

If you’re using ActivityPub for WordPress, I’d love to hear what you’ve discovered and whether you have any tips.


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