Is it possible to turn off image lazy loading on specific pages?

New WP use here… I’m working on a site using Gutenberg and GeneratePress. I’m trying to have a page with anchor tags/jump links to allow my nav to quickly jump to key parts of a bio and about page. The issue I’m having seems to be with images lazy loading and throwing off the position of the anchor ids.

Since I only have 2 or 3 pages with this kind of interaction of nav and anchors, I’m wondering if I can turn off lazy loading for specific pages. I’ve read it’s possible to turn it off by image names, but I’d ideally like a higher level page solution.

Does anyone have ideas or suggestions? I also found a potential reported bug from 2023 about Gutenberg and anchors, so all this might be hopeless if that bug still exists and is true. Any advice for WP, anchors, and lazy loaded images would be greatly appreciated


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