Is My Typical Workflow Doable With Gutenberg

I’ve stubbornly continued with classic editor since Gutenberg was released.
I typically write long blog posts in Word, cut/paste them into a new post, and then add images in and around the text as I see fit. Some of those images are full size, others smaller with text beside them, and even the odd thumbnail sometimes.

I seem to recall the first time I tried Gutenberg, copying and pasting the entire post resulted in a single, humungous text block and I was lost as to how to incorporate my images as I had done before.

Is it possible for me to adapt this old school workflow to Gutenberg, or would I be best sticking with Classic? Thx.

Note. I realize this isn’t the most eloquent, pretty, or even user friendly way of presenting my posts but it’s what I know.

1 Comment
  1. You could just try using Gutenberg again and see how it works for you now. I mean, its right there on your website.


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