Is that a good idea create a section pattern using custom block rather than block pattern?

I’ve recently developed a new website using a block theme for my clients. However, some of my clients are not very proficient with computers, which has made it challenging for them to grasp the intricacies of using the core block editor. Specifically, they find it difficult to work with the layout blocks, often clicking around without success in their quest to locate the appropriate group block.

One of the advantages of utilizing custom blocks is that it allows me to tailor the user interface to my clients’ needs. Nevertheless, I have concerns about potential changes to block components in the future. For instance, if something as fundamental as RichText were to undergo a name or attribute change, it would necessitate extensive adjustments across my entire website, consuming a significant amount of time.

I’m aware of the templateLock: contentOnly function, but it has limitations and cannot accommodate substantial changes, such as altering YouTube embed URLs. Consequently, I’m at a bit of a standstill and uncertain about the best course of action. While I genuinely appreciate the flexibility and features of the block theme, I’m hesitant to revert to the classic theme with custom fields.

Has anyone else encountered a similar situation and can offer some guidance based on their experiences?


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