Is there a way to add custom fields to a standard field within Gravity Forms?

I know there are ways to create new custom fields, but I’m looking to use a standard field (radio buttons, specifically) and add a new field to it.

Currently I use:
Field name, Field description, Field choices (label & value).

However, I’d like to have a second field description that can be uniquely handled. The specific use case is the form is being filled out by a Teacher, and I want one description to be for the Teacher, and the other for the Student. It might look like:

**Field name:** How was the interviewee’s knowledge of XYZ?
**Teacher** **field description:** Score the Student on knowledge of core concepts central to XYZ.
**Student field description:** The Teacher is scoring you on concepts you must demonstrate an understanding of to pass this class.
**Field choices:** (1, 2, 3 etc.)

And the way it would be presented is the Teacher only sees the Field name + Teacher field description when filling out the form, and the form submission is sent to the Student (using Gravity notifications) who sees Field name + Student field description.

Is there any way I can achieve this? Native functionality is best as Gravity makes shortcodes and field merges easy.



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