Is there something like the last posts homepage but with Pages?

Hi there

I’m new to WordPress and I’ve decided to start with the .com personal plan. I find it a little bit restricted, as I cannot add a custom CSS style to a simple menu, But!, I think I’ll manage! I came here looking for help because I can’t find how to do this: I want to list fruits on my homepage for example.

I’d like to have a page for Apples and there, list all my apples posts. And then, do the same with a pears page. Then, I can make apples and pearls posts with categories I can look after later on each page.

It sounded fine in the first place. But then on my website, I can only put as a main page the latest posts or a fixes page. And I’d like to go for my latest pages. How could I achieve this on WordPress?


Thank you very much!

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  1. Are you using a Gutenberg/Block Editor-based theme? If so, you can use the Latest Posts Block – as it will let you specify a category to pull from [](

    If you are using a Classic Editor based theme, I’m not sure you’ll be able to do what you’re looking for as you’re only able to use the free themes that []( offers, and they’re very basic.

    I’d highly recommend you move to a different hosting (e.g. Namecheap, Site Ground, etc) so that you’re not held back by the .com restrictions – e.g. custom domain name, all plugins, any theme, etc.


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