Is this site possible with WordPress?

I’m looking to make a site. It’s pretty much a directory type of site for business services. There would be a main page, with the ability to select a state, and on the selected state page, there will be boxes with company info and prices. There would also be a login page for companies to sign in and change their prices and such. The user accounts would only be able to be added through the admin, not like a Google sign up or anything.

Does this seem like something that can be made on WordPress? I’ve played around in it and it just seems so restrictive, like it’s only for a simple blog. I know popular sites have been made with it… Would I need to buy a theme for what I want to do?

  1. You can definitely make somethin like that. Might need some plugins and such but yes it can be made.
    Feel free to DM me if you want. I work on WP sites as well if you wanted to look into teaming up on something.

  2. You need custom post types, custom fields and front-end submissions. Toolset and Meta Box can do things like that, but they have a learning curve.

    If you buy a ready theme for that, it may be impossible or difficult to customize it to your needs. Toolset and Meta Box give you flexibility, but you need to learn how to use them. You need to learn WordPress concepts at a more abstract level than when building a blog.


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