Is this the culprit or do I just suck?

tl;dr web host seems to have [crazy restrictions]( on IO speed and IOPS. would these be the reason for flaky site performance?


I have been working on a fairly new WP site all day, trying to make it faster. The frontend is okay-ish, but the backend is very flaky. Sometimes it’s fine (not great), other times it takes 30s just to respond to a simple page request.

The site is on a Hostinger shared plan. I know shared hosting sucks, but a simple site like this should still load fine on the shittiest of hosts. The host has all basic stuff like LiteSpeed with LS cache, SSD storage, 2 CPU cores (whatever that means), 1.5GB RAM, etc. I feel this is all good enough to run a basic WP site. It’s not even part of the EIG/Newfold hellscape. I’ve been running a couple of WP sites on a $2.5/mo Namecheap plan for six years with no issues.

I setup proper caching and also Cloudflare with tiered cache, yet the site is still flaky. Sometimes quick, sometimes slow as a snail. Upon digging deeper, I think [this]( might be the culprit – isn’t 1024KB/s IO limit and 128 IOPS really low? I checked my Namecheap cPanel and the limits are 50MB/s and 1024 IOPS.

Is this the cause of the site’s performance issues, or could there be something else I am missing? The people I am helping have a tight budget at the time, so I will get them to something in this price range, be it Namecheap or a cheap VPS like DO/Hetzner/Vultr.


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