Is Yoast still bloated in 2023?

I remember quite often I read recommendations against the gigantic Yoast plugin. There are many alternatives out there these days, however Yoast also made a big relaunch this year, and I have to admit I find it way easier now to navigate around, find all the settings, and so forth

The continuous nag and promos are still annoying if you prefer to keep the free version.

I am debating if I should give it another shot (I do have SEO Press Premium) however, some clients might prefer a free plugin. If I migrate to SEO Press, they only get premium as long as they are with me.

Overall, I wonder how good or bad Yoast is now. Did this kind of relaunch this year so good that it’s worth it to just stick to it?

Definitely want to avoid to switch and then hear stories from the client that tells me that with Yoast it was all better


  1. We use Yoast Premium on our clients sites and it doesn’t impact performance at all. Just launched a site a couple days ago, with WP Rocket not yet activated, 93/100 out the gate on a custom built FSE theme.

    I think the main issue with Yoast is that they have released crappy builds before that have brought down sites. You can mitigate this by testing updates on a local or staging server.

    That said, I personally like Rankmath but will use Yoast.


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