[Issue] Need help with sorting out a bug with woocommerce subscriptions.

So we’re working with a client, and we redesigned their ecommerce store:

We used woocommerce, built using elementor and custom theme etc.

However, we encountered an error, here’s the explanation:


We introduced subscribe and save as usual since it’s a supplement store, using woocommerce subscriptions and buy once and subscribe for woocommerce plugin \[Link to the plugin: [https://woo.com/products/buy-once-or-subscribe-for-woocommerce-subscriptions/]\] however, it worked well until we encountered an error, the issue happened while running a sale, our incentive for subscription was buy once at the retail price or subscribe and save 25% (a 25% off on subscription and future recurring purchases under the subscription), when we’re running a sale (we usually run a sale using the woo discount rules pro plugin: [https://wordpress.org/plugins/woo-discount-rules/]) the subscription price gets reduced as per the sale discount, that means if a product before sale was $100, and on subscriptions it was sold at $75, on a 50% storewide sale it will be $50 on retail and $37.5 on subcription, and we absolutely don’t want that we want to keep the subscription price as it is even during the sale, we have tried All products for subscription (link: [https://woo.com/products/all-products-for-woocommerce-subscriptions/]) but that doesn’t fix the problem at all.


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