Issue with a non-default role disppearing

I am hoping that someone can help point me in the right direction. The site I am working on is a learning membership site (Staging environment) that is using PublishPress Capabilities and Restrict Content Pro to control what is served to clients. Last week I created a user role that disappeared suddenly. I did notice that the role was somehow still attached to the test users I was working on. Using the exact spelling, I was able to retrieve the roles with everything back by adding the roles back in with PublishPress Capabilities. I did remove those roles after removing them from the test users. I created a new role to work with and today this role also disappeared. I was able to add the user Role again with the same spelling and it is all as before. I also created a role using the functions.php editor to test adding roles this way before the roles disappeared and that role did not disappear during the first disappearing act I encountered. However, I later removed it as I couldn’t edit the role in PublishPress Capabilities. Another related issue was back in May on our Production site we lost an internal role. I’m not familiar with the details of this as this occurred before me.

When researching this issue, I see mentions of Cache being a possible issue. Any thoughts on what the conflict is that causes roles created with the plugin to disappear? I checked the plugin’s site but could not find anyone else that had a similar issue. Thank you in advance. If more information is needed, I am happy to provide it.


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