Junior MERN stack dev who just had that “wait, I really am a web developer” moment in WordPress using Oxyhen builder, it is word press world thanks to Oxygen builder. I’m starting to understand the huge appeal of WordPress

Background info, I’m a MERN stack developer who still wants to be a full stack developer in the future. The reason I say in the future because it’s very unlikely realistic now but I build some

I’m also a junior dev with no college experience, a coding bootcamp diploma, and have heen struggling at my WordPress agency job for the better parts of 6 months now. After going through various bumps and bruises with Avada and utterly failing to build anything pixel perfect with it, my boss introduced me to Oxygen builder and said he’d get a license for it because he wanted faster sites.

He gave me a site to develop on Oxgen builder and as soon as I saw the UI of the builder, I was like “ok this makes sense, this is just a vertical tree html model than it’s the a catch all header template representing header and same for the footer.

I can literally not just write custom css classes and use them like global utility classes (this feature is seriously amazing and probably one of the best use cases for a visual builder I’ve ever seen), I can also write html and JavaScript and implement the same kind of component, reusable workflow that react, vue, stevlte, etc…

Thank you oxygen builder for giving me as close to that dev component workflow I love after spending so much time practicing on react and learning about React in bootcamp. Oxygen builder is truly a heavy weight builder that is almost an entire framework and I love that

Does anyone else have that “oh yeah,I can do this, maybe I really am a developer moment” type moment in your jr days!


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