Just used Chat GTP 3 to make an app for my site, how do I plug it into WordPress?

Just for poops and hoots, I asked Chat GPT 3 to make me an app for a website I own, which I have been quoted anywhere between $2500-$10k to design and implement on my website. It tooks like 15 seconds for it to do that, and I have the HTML code that it spit out.

Is it really as simple as uploading this HTML into the Custom HTML field I use in Elementor, and then applying a style sheet and adding content? What do I do with this HTML?

  1. No, it is not that simple.

    ChatGPT is not a programmer. It is not artificial intelligence. It is not a human being.

    ChatGPT is a bullshit engine. It’s designed to talk with you and make you think that it’s actually talking. Or thinking. In order to do that, it bullshits you. It will lie and make up things anything at all, because it makes you think it sounds legitimate.

    It cannot create thousands of dollars worth of software in a few seconds. It is not capable of original thought.

  2. Depends what sort of app you’ve made. Without that info I don’t think anyone can help you.

    I’ve had both good and bad experience with chatgpt generating code, usually it requires some slight edits or adjustments, but it is a time saver.


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