Landed my first portfolio client for a website that is already 75% done. Got no WP experience. Need some advice!

Hi, as the title suggests I found my first portfolio client, my chiropractor who I have a good vibe with, sometimes we go for a beer on the weekend. His old website sucks ass so I offered to help him build a new one(with HTML themes). He said he already had about 75% done by another guy during covid with WordPress. He also has a whole mockup in figma and the staging site looks really similar to that mockup, which is good. It needs some more copywriting, a feature to swap 2 languages and some change around of certain parts / pages. I told him I would like to take on the challenge but I’ve never done any WordPress before, so I’m trying to figure out what to do at this point. I’ve been trying to google and youtube after work this week to figure out what to do but so far I’m kind of overwhelmed with all the stuff I don’t know and which steps to take. Anyway, I thought something like: make backup of staging via plugin (I can’t find the plugin tab in the menu bar) -> set it up on a local host, I read somewhere Local by flywheel is a good one and then someone recommended to use Elementor but is that even possible. Also it says it’s an older version of wordpress and the newer version is available. Will it change anything for the current live website if I click on that 6.5.5. link? Any advice or constructive feedback on this appreciated! Thanks


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