Learn WordPress – free educational resource that includes courses, workshops, quizzes, lesson plans, and discussion groups

Learn WordPress – free educational resource that includes courses, workshops, quizzes, lesson plans, and discussion groups

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  1. I applied to be a “mentor” couple of months ago but with how COVID is going I completely forgot I used to have an actual passion for WordPress.

  2. Thanks for sharing here. The Make WordPress Training team has quite a lot planned for the Learn site. Here are some ideas for the next 3 years: [https://make.wordpress.org/training/2020/12/03/learn-wordpress-blue-sky-thinking/](https://make.wordpress.org/training/2020/12/03/learn-wordpress-blue-sky-thinking/)

    We’d love to know the experience others have of using the content here AND welcome others to create content in the form of lesson plans, videos, or hosting workshop discussions.

    [https://make.wordpress.org/training/](https://make.wordpress.org/training/) Meetings Tues 17UTC and Fri 11UTC.

  3. Does anyone know why my posts aren’t showing on this sub? I read the rules I don’t think I’ve done anything wrong. I haven’t received a message telling me my post was rejected for x reason.

  4. Good! Last week I was studying some things about WP. That contribution’s useful for sure.


  5. **Learning WordPress** is **easy** as long as you are willing to commit a few hours each day for a week. You would need some very basic search skills (i.e know how to use search engines like Google), and the ability to follow instructions. No, you don’t need to know HTML or other programming languages to code a website.

    well there are so many websites available where you can learn WordPress, I’ll suggest you go with [WPbeginners](https://www.wpbeginner.com/beginners-guide/how-to-learn-wordpress-for-free-in-a-week-or-less/) and Coderepublics [WordPress tutorial](https://www.coderepublics.com/Wordpress/wordpress-tutorial.php). if you want to learn through Video tutorial then here are the [Best WordPress courses on Udemy](https://thewebseeker.com/best-wordpress-courses-on-udemy/) 2021. These are the best tutorials.

    Hope My information will help you. Thanks.

  6. Wow! I really enjoy using WordPress and I’m so happy with their plugins and other stuffs.
    Finally, now it’s even easy to convert your website into an app without coding.
    One of my most used tool is appmysite and I really recommend it.

  7. I love WP and I’ve been using it for ten years+, but only now I am willing to learn the “deep wp” (plugin/themes development!).

  8. I learned WordPress in 2010 when there was a lot less information online.
    It took me months and months of tinkering, but it has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. I wish there were resources like this when I was starting out!

  9. Autoship Cloud for an all-in-one WooCommerce subscriptions plugin that enables Amazon-like subscribe and save functionalities on your physical goods store.

  10. Learn WordPress is the top trendy skill of the era. If someone find the best and free WooCommerce subscription plugin in 2022, then explore [Autoship Cloud](https://autoship.cloud/) plugin. Its a free plugin with alot of features like subscriptions, subscriber experience, support for free trials, payment logistics, shipping integrations, discount coupons/promotions, data reporting etc.

  11. Hello! I wanna create a tuition website from my mom where she can put her short YouTube videos , reviews of past year students and their marks. I also want to find the number of people using the website . How can I do that using WordPress for free?

  12. GeneratePress is a great theme, I am using it & v happy with it. I have also tried Kadence/Astra, solid options

  13. Hey guys!

    After going from studying philosophy -> becoming a high school teacher -> going into the charity sector -> becoming a wordpress developer -> creating a wordpress agency -> becoming a wordpress teacher – I’m now finally at a point where I’d love to give back, start a community, and help more.

    So if anyone is looking for ANY WordPress help, hit me up. It can be simple set up stuff, about themes, about page builders, or even code. I love the community, love the job, and love seeing success.

    To give some immediate value, with this reply, though – for those looking to learn wordpress, I would say you should also try a course like on teamtreehouse. Do the frontend web development course, the beginner php course, and the intermediate php course. These, geared with any wordpress page builder, theme, or custom code, are super powerful.


This site will teach you how to build a WordPress website for beginners. We will cover everything from installing WordPress to adding pages, posts, and images to your site. You will learn how to customize your site with themes and plugins, as well as how to market your site online.

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