Local development environment and problems with a repo

I’m trying to teach myself WordPress development by creating a child theme for Understrap. The developers have a tutorial course which I’m working my way through. The first part of the course involves setting up a local development environment using Local, Visual Studio Code, and Bitbucket. When I try to connect to the repo on Bitbucket through Visual Studio Code, I get various errors. I’m getting super frustrated because this is blocking me from learning the parts of WordPress development I’m really interested in.

I am very used to working in Dreamweaver and just FTPing up to the remote site. Should I give up on the idea of using a Git repo and just develop the site using Local and a code editor I’m more familiar with (like Brackets) and save the fancy stuff till I’ve learned more about customizing a WordPress theme? Or is there an easier way to do this and still be using a repo?

The error messages I was getting were first not being able to commit the workspace because there was a newer version of a file on the remote site… then it was looking for files that were related to node.js …. Bewildering stuff and way out of my depth.

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  1. >Dreamweaver

    That’s still around?

    Without being familiar with that tutorial and the exact errors, we can’t help you resolve it. WordPress and git are different skills. If you want to be a WP developer, you should know both. It’s perfectly fine to learn them at different times.


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