Location based content query

Bit of back story, we do affiliate marketing on our WordPress site. Specifically products and brands from the United States, however, I am looking to also do the UK since I am frequently traveling back and forth. Obviously product/brands in the US aren’t available in the UK and vice versa.

Initially I looked at simply geolocating by IP on the already active site since I don’t need to change much of anything other than direct people to the correct content. The website would essentially be the same, same name, same design etc just certain product would obviously only apply to one country over the other. Or am i just over complicating it and should stick to a new website?

My concern is that another site would obviously incur more cost, additional licenses, hosting etc so i was trying to do this the most cost efficient way whilst also making the most sense. I feel like it could be great to incorporate [www.mysite.com/uk](https://www.mysite.com/uk) into the WordPress multisite which could solve most of these problems, however correct me if I’m wrong, I would be forced to use a subdomain over a subdirectory due to my site already being active for a while, this could force a [uk.mysite.com](https://uk.mysite.com) or something which i feel the format looks a little odd.

However, again the subdomain doesn’t really work or just puts me back at looking at a new site since most of the licenses, hosting etc are based off top level. So just looking to bounce ideas and ask for a little guidance, thanks!


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