Looking for a Web Development Partner

Hello everyone,

I am trying to start my own small marketing agency.
My expertise is in advertising and I already have a couple of clients whom I am doing ads for. I have started to see that most of them are looking for other services and prefer someone who delivers the whole package, with web development, SEO, social media management etc…

The truth is I have been trying to find someone that I can work with, splitting the projects… freelancers for example… and I have had bad experiences. Either they make a good job and then a bad one or then they dont have time, bad communication, want to overcharge, etc…
SO, I am making this post in the hopes of finding interested people with website-building experience on WordPress and some SEO knowledge that would want to partner up.

I also have business development experience, so I can also bring more clients. The revenue would be according to each one’s contribution to the budgets that each one has set.

Do you know someone interested? Let me know, Thanks!

  1. Just for perspective from someone (US based) who checks all of your boxes – $500-700 total is about 3-6 billable hours from someone experienced in this line of work. Do you mean monthly or in total? If that’s total, over 6 months that’s only ~45 minutes of billable work being done a month which will yield low/no improvements in search rankings.

    $500-700 per month for 6 mon is a different story.

    I also charge what I do because of experience, but also because the second you lower rates, you get bottom barrel clients who are without doubt **always** the most difficult to work with. Always nitpicking, always asking for things outside the scope of work, yet they pay the least.

    Websites done professionally for a business to be competitive within their local market, I’m charging $3,000 **minimum**, with most being around $5,000-7,000 for a complete site with 40-60 pages. Those prices can get much higher too, just depends on how many hours I expect things to take me to complete and how advanced things get.

    Just giving you honest figures from someone who’s found success doing this for 7 years now on my own. Best of luck to you!

  2. Hi. I might be interested. I have built some basic WP themes and projects, PHP projects and some React/Nextjs stuff. I’d like to know more about this

  3. Hello. I have been very deep into WP development for 7 years. Please write me in DM so we can discuss details.


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