Looking for help on how to proceed building this kind of website.

Looking for the appropriate themes/plug-ins/etc.


I would like to make a website where there would be a list of companies. In the links to these companies, would be interview information such as gouges and questions. Users can click though any company and see all the questions, answers, gouges for each company and filter them by type of question (technical, HR, etc.)


There would be a section where people can submit their questions and answers, gouges, etc to me, and I would have to manually approve them before they show up on the website. These are where the shown questions etc. come from. From being user submitted to me, and then me manually approving them to be on the company profile on the website to be shown to everyone. I would like a clean interface of a website, simple.

Users can like or comment questions and answers posted.

Also a way for user to make donations if they choose.

Anyone have any pointers? thanks.

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  1. What in the world is a gouge ? I looked up all U.S definitions and those don’t seem to fit in the manner in which you are explaining.
    However, besides gouges.

    I know exactly what you need. You need a Forms Plugin and a Data Tables plugin.

    Specifically you need Formidable Forms, The Pro version and you need to get WPDatatables

    WPDatatables does server side processing you your tables can be monsters in size with no problems.

    WPDatatables also sell several add-ons, among them one is called Advanced Filters.

    In addition they also sell another add-on that connects WPDataTables with formidable forms. So in addition to the Formidable Forms plugin you will need the add-on that connects the tables to the Forms.

    Users will be able to submit any information which can be approved and the posted back in the table.

    You are looking at close to $650 dollars for all 3 plugins and their add-ons.

    There could be even another Directory type plugin, but this implementation is Solid.


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