Looking to refresh my website, what is the best way to do that?

I recently transferred to a different host. After the move, I am noticing a few problems with the coping process, just page wise. The backup I downloaded didn’t help.

I am now trying to condensed some plugins. They are a bunch of pictures that need to be replaced and pages fixed. New products need uploaded.

I think it could do with some spring cleaning. So what is the best way to refresh and clean a website. Do I delete the whole WordPress and start reinstall or remove the theme, plugin, products and pages and fix that way?

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  1. You’re best bet for ending up with a site that runs smooth and looks/behaves the way you want is to start from scratch on a rebuild.

    If you decide to do that, I’d suggest getting a whiteboard and mapping everything out ahead of time. This is actually easier than it sounds, especially when you’ve already had the site running for a while. (eg, you’ll know your goals better than when you started, the sticking points you experienced previously, etc)

    However, if you decide to just clean the site you have now, there’s a few plugins you can use:

    1. Media Cleaner by Meowapps
    This allows you to flush unused images, videos, etc

    2. Database Cleaner by Meowapps
    This will flush unnecessary/unused tables from your db.

    3. Redirection by John Godley
    You said you have entire pages/posts that need to be removed or updated. Google will penalize you in SERP ranking if you don’t establish redirects. So this one is key

    Lastly if you wanna speed up the site and it still contains a significant amount of media, use shortpixel to compress your images and set up cloudflare.


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