Loop grid for static content? (display products with no link)

TLDR: Is there a way to build a loop grid for posts/custom posts types that doesn’t link to the posts? Just displays heading, image, description.

I’m building a simple site for a small business and they want to have a page that looks like a typical products page, but instead of individual products they want to display product subsets (fake example: shoes, jeans, sweatshirts) but with no link to click for more details. So customers can see what types of things they sell without having to display each item because it changes frequently with short notice.

I’ve looked into loop grid plugins like elementor pro or kadence post grid combo that connect to posts or custom post types. This would be perfect, except that they all LINK to that post which we don’t want.

I could just create static display, but they want to be able to add and change the content from the backend without mucking with the design. (it would also be very tedious)

Is there an option for this?





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