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I figured it out and it was pilot error, not the plugin.

In case anyone else gets lost, it’s in Custom Fields settings. I’d had it set to text but then I see the option for Select in the list and that added the box to add all the subcategories, and then select the parent category in the sidebar.

(This is always what happens to me in stores. I will walk that store 2 hours looking for something and cannot find it for the life of me, but the second I find somebody who works there to ask where it is, they inevitably point to it and it’s like right beside me on the shelf and I feel like an idiot lol…..so same here. I asked, then I found it…so we’re good! Carry on!)

So I did this awhile back and then changed course to a different venture. I decided to add this plugin again for the new site.

It did what I needed it to do. But I have forgotten how to add the subcategories and add new directories.

Unless the download malfunctioned, the admin sidebar shows the dashboard, location, category, custom fields, settings. There is no option to add a new directory. I can add main categories but there is no option showing to add subcategories, for example Books and a subcategory list of genres.

I attempted to do that with custom fields but that only shows up in the form.

The first time around, I did use this with BulkPress, where the categories for the plugin showed up in the list and I added the subcategory lists to that and bulk uploaded them to the main category.

This time around, none of the categories are showing up in the bulkpress list so I can’t add bulk categories this way. There is no option anywhere in the admin sidebar for the plugin to add additional subcategories to the main categories.

Unless I remember incorrectly I believe I added an image to the category on the category page but there is no option to do that either.

Am I missing something? lol

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