Lots of empty pages picked up by GSC

Hi @andersjytzler,

Thanks for reaching out, and yes, I can understand the frustration. Unfortunately we’re limited to Site Kit queries here in the plugin support forums, and unable to troubleshoot non indexing queries from the Search Console platform. I did check your site and I can see some indexing issues may possibly be occurring overall although I can’t be sure, we don’t have any insights into such Search Console specific queries.

If you haven’t already checked this resource, please do so, while I also suggest reaching out to the Search Console product experts over at the Search Console Help Center.

I also performed a check for other information on the 404 pages with strange URLs, and found some possible useful insights in this Stack Overflow thread.

Note also that from a Site Kit perspective, all the plugin does is register your site on Search Console, and then pull information from a users Search Console account into the Site Kit dashboard. Using Site Kit, or adding Search Console manually works the same regarding indexing.

Sorry we can’t be of more assistance on this.

@jamesosborne Thank you for your very comprehensive reply James. I have tried submitting a topic on the Search Console Help Center you suggested. I hope they can help me resolve the issue.

I of course understand your limitations. Thank you for the help. Have a very nice day.

Marked as resolved as the questions isn’t related to this forum, so i have gone elsewhere for a solution.


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