Mail delivery subsystem |

If you get back emails, it means your original email has not been delivered for some reasons. Looking inside these emails the error should be reported.

But stats saying email send to x numbers and open by x numbers and clicked by x%. How could we track the issues behind this any logs. We are using paid version of Newsletter plugins

Hi, if you need support from where you get the license, please open a ticket in that site.

If you see stats, it means your emails are correctly delivered. If you have some returned messages, it means those message cannot be delivered. Those messages can come from your mail system or the recipient mail system, they’re called bounces. The plugin is not notified of them. You can possible use a bounce addon to check those email, but ask for support on the mentioned site.

Ok great what is the cost of the bounce addon For now can I disable the email notifications for bounced emails?

Hi, those emails are sent by other systems, you cannot disable them.


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