Maxed Out CPU and Memory Usage as Soon as I Log Into My Backend.

My site appears to be maxing out on resources primarily CPU and Memory. Was on the phone with tech support for an hour-and-a-half with no answers. I have Cloudflare enabled, enabled the “Under Attack” mode and it doesn’t make a difference. I was given a list of IPs that were accessing my site and blocked them but still no improvement.

It seems to happen when I’m logged in. I can log in and move around a bit but within a few minutes everything starts to freeze up and before long I’m getting 503 errors and Database Connection errors and I can’t connect to the front-end. If I close everything out, within a few minutes I can access the front end – until I try to log in again and the whole thing repeats itself.

Tech Support wasn’t much help. They reset my resource limits but that’s not helping any.

So where do I even start to find out what the problem is?

  1. That is a common symptom of a malware infection (and also low quality/shared hosting, but do the WF scan first). Install Wordfence and run a scan.


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