Mega Menu Loads Too Slow on Mobile

Hi, I recently use mega menu on my website. When opening my website on desktop, the mega menu loads fine (although slight delayed compared to other elements, but still acceptable). The problem is when I try opening my website on mobile. The hamburger menu on mobile loads really reallyy slow. I’ve counted, it takes about 30 seconds before the menu appears. Anybody experienced this? What shall i do about it to make it quicker?

  1. We need to know a lot more.
    What Plugin are you using ?
    Are you using multiple plugins ?
    Are you using Elementor ?
    Are you using any of the Elementor add-ons ?
    How does the mega menu look on the edit page in mobile view ?

  2. Did you try profiling the site ? Maybe try throttling network in developer tools see if its a script loading issue or executing issue.

    A JS menu should not take long to load.


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