Membership site with an hourly & event appointment calendar?

I am probably going about this wrong so ANY advice is much appreciated. The site started as a membership site where just the blog post pages were protected. Easy to do and used Paid Membership Pro as they have an offline payment option. Its for a investing coaching web site and the owner only wants to take wire transfers to prevent fraud & chargebacks and already has a following that will do wire transfers.

Then we decided to do one on one coaching AND group 5 hour coaching online zoom sessions. So then I ended up using the Amelia Booking plugin as you can easily have a booking calendar for 1 hour sessions and also multi day events, we sometimes do 2 day only classes and its easy in Amelia to setup & link to your zoom account. Honestly though, I have not tried many booking/online consultation appointment plugins.

1. We need to accept offline payments for the membership to access the protected blog pages and thought it would also be good to protect the appointment calendars so the appointment calendars don’t get spam signups?
2. We need to allow clients to schedule 1 hour appointments and 2 day(5 hours each day) appointments.
3. Since they have paid for a membership, we don’t need to charge when they schedule an appointment but maybe that would be easier than requiring a membership? The Amelia plugin I am using doesn’t allow offline payments yet.
4. I tried assigning a role to anyone that purchased a membership that would also work with Amelia but they don’t support that so currently they have to login through paid membership pro and then again if they want to access the Amelia Customer Panel that shows their currently scheduled appointments.

Any tips? thx!

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  1. If you’re looking for an alternative, try exploring MemberPress. It can be easily integrated with third-party apps like Amelia and you can easily setup offline payments.


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