Menus doesnt work on mobile

Hi wordpress reddit

Ive run into a problem im really puzzeled about, and i dont know if you guys can help me out, but i might aswell try.

I have a website done in Elementor pro and the header is done with Astra. Ive edited some text on the different pages, and now suddenly my off-canvas menu doesnt work. If i sit on my desktop and look in the settings on wordpress it works perectly fine, however when i test the website on an actual phone it doesn’t work. Whats even more puzzeling is that the front page works fine with no issues, however every other page does not work.


Does anyone have any clue what might cause this, or fix it? – Im fairly new in this line of work, so a “explanation for an idiot” would be apprciated.

  1. I believe elementor has buttons at the bottom of the dashboard for mobile and tablet view that lets you customize your site for small screens. Good luck!

  2. Deleting the website cache fixed the problem… Such an easy fix makes me feel stupid, but ill keep my post up incase someone with a similar problem finds their way here


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