Meta Pixel does not detect completed purchases on Woocommerce

Hi there, I have configured the Meta pixel via the plugin to track sales on the site. The store is still in testing phase, I’m testing purchases using Stripe sandbox. Now the page view activities are detected correctly and I see when products are added to the cart, but I don’t see any statistics regarding purchase completion.
Am I skipping any steps? Could it be that using sandbox payments interferes in some way? What could be the problem?
Thank you very much, I have tried them all without success! 😓

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  1. First, set up the Meta Pixel without using a 3rd party plugin.

    You should manually paste the code into the head section of the theme.

    Then, add the following event code to the pixel using the Event Setup Tool:

    `Standard event code: fbq(‘track’, ‘AddToCart’).`

    Usually, events from sandbox payments appear as regular events.

    Make sure to double-check if any browser extensions like adblock or ghostery are blocking the website’s trackers.


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