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I am not able to provide a link to the website because I am building it on my Mac desktop with Local.  I am working with WordPress 6.3.1 and the Twenty Twenty Three theme with minimal plugins and the latest version of Local.

Does anyone have experience publishing or migrating a new website from Local to a hosting service? I already have two other non-WordPress websites hosted with a service, and I have added the domain name for my WordPress account. I have tried various ways to upload the website, some more successful than others but none manages to reproduce what I spent months designing. I have created a bit of a mess on my hosting server with the files I have uploaded and will probably remove them all again and start with a fresh install of WordPress, but I’d like to know the simplest and most reliable way to proceed from there. The Export and Import tools in WordPress 6.3.1 seem to offer a simple way, but I lose various menus and a header when I try to upload it that way.

Part of my problem sometimes seems to be remnants of the .local url which need to be replaced with the .org url.

Any suggestions or pointers to relevant documents would be appreciated.



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