Mobile menu missing in portrait mode but only on WooCommerce product category pages

I’m trying to help a friend out with his site. The person he hired to build and maintain his site has flaked out on him. The site is a bit of a disaster but he doesn’t want to have to do a full rebuild. I’m trying to fix a few quirks with the site and he will be happy. It looks as if the original designer built a custom theme for the page. The main issue is that in portrait mobile mode, the header containing logo and hamburger menu icon is missing but not for all pages. It seems to be missing from the main shop page and all product category pages. Lanscape mobile mode displays the desktop site (but also has some formatting errors especially rotating the phone from landscape to portrait or vice versa). It’s very strange and I’ve done so much digging and can’t figure out why the menu is missing on just those pages. Any help would be appreciated!


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