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Greeting wp devs, question, but here’s a little background:

I have a friend, quickly becoming a client, lol, and he uses wp engine hosting, which has dev, stage, prod environments setup, but he has ppl actively writing content in the prod site, they’re adding quite a bit of content per week, and he has someone done with a redesign, they mainly do divi work. When I move dev to staging, the staging db gets overwritten by older dev one

Question: what’s the correct workflow here, how are u guys handling this sort of scenarios, what can I implement to help with this, should all content. be done on staging, then moved to prod? how can we do actively dev while not stopping the content.

I’m not a new dev, but I am, relatively new to the WP space.

Sorry for the long post but I have so many questions, Thanks in advance.

  1. I don’t know how wp engine works but when deploying updates from dev to staging that should not be overwriting the database, it should just be applying the new theme/plugins. I would start with trying to figure why that is happening and if it can be disabled.

  2. I use git and have Dev Staging and Prod all set up as different remotes, so I use that to push my code around.

  3. You do development on dev or staging servers. Pull DB down from production. Only ever push code to production, never db.

    What “dev” are you doing?

  4. Commit to git.
    Deploy code from the dev branch in git to the dev site.
    Staging to staging
    Master/Main to Production.

    deploy HQ is good and works great with Wp engines SFTP connection.

    Data down, never up unless it’s a restore or a fresh live db.


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