[SOLVED]Modifying Search.js takes no effect

First of all I wanted to congratulate the Fibosearch team for a MAGNIFICENT(best availabe at least in my opinion) search plugin.

I have a very specific digital game items store that I am setting up. In my case I don´t want customers to see the product´s single page by any means. I have set it up this way on purpose, as whoever is buying already knows what they are buying. This will also translate in more conversions as they don´t have to keep coming back and forth from product´s single page to the main shop to add items to their cart.

So when people search my web I don´t want them to be taken to the product page when clicking on search suggestions. The behavior I expect, is that when they click on a suggestion this will automatically add the product to their cart. To achieve this, I am modifying the Search.js file, specificaly this line:

html += '<a href="' + url + '" class="' + className + ' dgwt-wcas-suggestion-product' + sugVarClass + '" data-index="' + i + '" ' + dataAttrs + '>';

Modifying this anchor that wraps every suggestion to make it add to cart is not diffictult. The problem is, NO MATTER WHAT I DO to this file, NOTHING CHANGES in my web.

Also I have looked up Search.min.js but again, no matter what I change it just doesn´t apply and keeps behaving like if I had not modified it at all.

By the way, I have cleared browser´s cache.

Would you please throw some light?

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The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]


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