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thanks for your post, and sorry for the trouble.

Moving these to the header is not directly possible, sorry. You would have to change the JS code inside the Extension’s PHP file for that.

With “header” row in the dropdown, do you mean that some dropdown also show the header row value? That’s because your table’s row 49 seems to contain that again as text.


Hi Tobias,

Thanks for the quick reply.

Have removed the row 49, did not notice it.

Is it possible in release 2 of TablePress to look at having an option for the filter to be at the top or bottom of the table?

Will be leaving a +ve review and donating to the cause.



no problem, you are very welcome! 🙂 Good to hear that this helped!

This will actually be a premium module in TablePress 2.0, with enhanced features and performance. I will check if I can also offer an option to show it in the header. Thanks for the suggestion!

Also, thanks for wanting to write a review and for donating, I really appreciate it!

Best wishes,


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