My front page crashed |

Hi @pancakeman95,

Thank you for your message. I am sorry you have encountered a problem with our plugin. Do not worry, I will try to help you.

When I go to your website, I get an error saying page not found. Are you sure this URL is correct?

Did you use the plugin with default settings or did you change something?

Best, Mateusz

Hi Mateusz

Thank you for a fast reply. No, I don’t think i changed anything. I put and x in all 4 boxes, so everything could be convertet. But i think it did something to my theme or elementor.

Kind regards


And yes it is the right URL. The URL is There is a redirect from to

@pancakeman95 Do you have access to the WordPress dashboard?

I want to see what might have gone wrong. Could you send me a screenshot of the Help Center tab in the plugin’s settings. I will check it because in this tab I have an information on how to solve the problem.

Due to the fact that there may be confidential information, please send me these screenshots directly to the following e-mail address: hello(at)

I sent it all to you now.

And thank you again for helping 🙂

Kind regards


Thank you @pancakeman95,

According to the information you sent me, everything looks fine. I don’t see any issues or reason why my plugin could cause such a problem.

Please try to deactivate my plugin – if you deactivate it and the problem persists, then the source of the problem is not my plugin.

It helped and I found the problem 🙂

Thank you so much for fast reply.

Have a great day.

Kind regards



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