My mobile website is slow and I just can’t fix it

Hi WordPress community,

I am currently working on my first website, and now at the end just before completion I have the problem that it has extremely long loading times on the mobile version. I have tried all possible recommended plugins, so cache plugins, compress images, cut out unnecessary CSS and JavaScript, etc.

Plugins which are currently running on the website and have to do with the loading time:

\- Async JavaScript

\- Asset CleanUp: Page Speed Booster

\- Autoptimize

\- EWWW Image Optimizer

\- Image optimization service by Optimole

\- Lazy Load – Optimize Images

\- WP Fastest Cache

\- WPvivid Imgoptim Free

Unfortunately, I don’t have a deep understanding of coding (JavaScript, CSS and all that stuff), so I have to rely on elementor. I have to finish the project soon and I’m stuck with the mobile load time. Is there any way to make the mobile version faster?

Unfortunately I can’t use paid plugins, because this is a one-time project and not wanted by my employer.

The website domain is

Thank you very much in advance 🙂


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