My webhost says that MI is what is causing clouflare timeouts

12:02 AM | ME: Hello this page is returning a 524 error from cloudflare.

12:02 AM | ME:

12:02 AM | ME: I have had one other client complain about this as well on a different server.

12:02 AM | Support from Cloudways: Please share your server IP.

12:02 AM | ME:

12:03 AM | Support from Cloudways: Thanks. Let me check for you. Please stay connected.

12:05 AM | Support from Cloudways: Can you please test again meanwhile I'm monitoring the logs to see the issue?

12:06 AM | ME: I hit refresh

12:06 AM | Support from Cloudways: Thanks. Please do the same for 2-3 times.

12:08 AM | Support from Cloudways: Thank you so much. It seems like the slow functions of google-analytics-premium plugin is causing this issue:

[18-Sep-2023 19:07:20] [pool bwbhsjxcnh] pid 6698

script_filename = /home/

[0x00007f43f2016e60] curl_exec() /home/

[0x00007f43f2016d80] request() /home/

[0x00007f43f2016c80] request() /home/

[0x00007f43f2016af0] request() /home/

[0x00007f43f2016a50] post() /home/

[0x00007f43f20169c0] wp_remote_post() /home/

[0x00007f43f20168d0] perform_remote_request() /home/

[0x00007f43f2016840] monsterinsights_get_addons_data() /home/

[0x00007f43f2016770] monsterinsights_get_addons() /home/

[0x00007f43f2016680] monsterinsights_is_plugin_our_addon() /home/

[0x00007f43f2016510] monsterinsights_automatic_updates() /home/

[0x00007f43f2016430] apply_filters() /home/

[0x00007f43f2016340] apply_filters() /home/

[0x00007f43f20162b0] wp_is_auto_update_forced_for_item() /home/

[0x00007f43f2015360] prepare_items() /home/

Do you have any thoughts or help with this? For now I have disabled MI on these two sites.

The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]


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