My Website is blank only to logged out users

I’m super new to using WordPress, and I posted this issue to the WordPress forums but I don’t know how helpful that’s going to be.
When viewed from anything other than an admin account, my WordPress site still appears blank. It isn’t a difference in URL, only when I switch chrome profiles, the menu and template disappears and I am met with the default page for an empty WordPress website. In actuality, I’d like to make the page available to everyone viewing my site, regardless if they have an account or not. I cannot figure out how to properly make my theme go live along with the menus I’ve created for it, it feels like no matter changes I make in the plug-ins, settings, or themes, the site page just remains blank. I have no plug-ins actively running, in actuality, I feel like the answer to my question has a very simple solution but I just cannot seem to figure it out. Help is very much appreciated, thank you Reddit.

  1. Okay update, I might have to remake my entire post because there’s an internal server error so I can’t even get into WordPress admin or my website

  2. Could be anything. Here are some ideas.

    Have you searched for “Wordpress white screen” in Google? It’s a common issue in content management systems that are misconfigured or have a database connection error.

    Did you move any folders around or change directories? Did you change the MySQL password in phpMyAdmin or cPanel on the host?

    Here’s an article to start. If nothing here works keep Googling. Good luck.


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