My website is declaring a fatal error and I do not know how to resolve. Willing to pay

Error is:**Fatal error**: Cannot redeclare pms\_in\_stripe\_add\_backend\_warning() (previously declared in /home/customer/www/\_html/wp-content/plugins/paid-member-subscriptions/includes/gateways/stripe/admin/functions-admin-connect.php:564) in **/home/customer/www/\_html/wp-content/plugins/paid-member-subscriptions-pro/add-ons-pro/stripe/includes/functions-filters.php** on line **384**

Can anyone help?

  1. You should contact the Paid Member Subscriptions developers. It looks like the conflict is between their plugins.

    That said, it looks like you have Paid Member Subscriptions and Paid Member Subscriptions *Pro* loaded. Are they both required to be loaded at the same time?

  2. Log into your site files via SFTP and change the name of the paid-member-subscriptions-pro plugin. That should deactivate it.

    Use a membership plugin that works.

  3. Aw that’s shitty eh.

    It seems like you may have added the pro version of that plugin, and it’s redeclaring a function from the free version of the plugin that was already installed. You might just be able to rename/disable the free plugin if it’s unneeded by the pro version of the plugin.

    If the pro plugin needs the free one to operate, then that’s more likely a bug the plugin developers need to fix.

    Feel free to pm me if you need more help.

  4. In such cases, do not post the full path in public forums. You can replace your domain with something like or mysite.
    If there is a vulnerability in the plugin, attackers may use the full path to do some damage. You can never know who will read your post.

  5. Not a professional…. I restored it back to the last date it was working. We had added a new feature. Computer gods didn’t like it apparently?


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