My website is ugly but functional right now. At what point should I invest in a redesign?

I’ve found myself in a bit of a quandary with my real estate agency website. Right now, it serves its purpose, but to be brutally honest, it’s not the most visually appealing site out there. It’s got that ‘ugly but functional’ charm.

So, considering the nature of our business, I wanted to ask the community: When should a real estate agency invest in a website redesign? I know that first impressions are crucial in our industry, and a well-designed website can make a huge difference.

Have any of you experienced a similar situation? How did you determine that it was the right time for a website makeover, and what kind of improvements did you see afterward in terms of client engagement, leads, or sales?

I’d love to hear your stories, advice, and any specific metrics or signs that convinced you to go for a redesign.

  1. I think you know the answer, its now!

    Given what you do its even more important. If you want a ‘real’ view on it feel free to DM me link to the site and i can take a look.


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