My wordpress site has been compromised


Yesterday my wordpress site on a synology with woocommerce has been compromised and I received a ransomware email.

They must have found an exploit in one of the plugins. How can I find out which plugins are safe or not. How can I avoid plugins with security problems?

I want to set up everything again but do my job better than last time.


  1. How is the site compromised? Do you still have control of the site? Does the host have a backup? Were all your plugins and WordPress up to date?

    Just because you got a ransom email doesn’t mean your site is compromised. I get ransom emails all the time threatening to expose pics taken with my webcam.

  2. As in your other thread – the email is a scam.
    Laugh at the bad English, block the address, delete and move on with your life.

  3. This might be a good time to review your security/updating/backup procedures. If you are set up well in that regard, then you can mostly just ignore junk like this.

    If that is too much of a hassle, and it IS a bit of a hassle, consider moving to managed WordPress hosting and having someone take care of it all for you.


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