Need advice on how to approach site re-design

Sorta new to WordPress web development. I’m doing a favor for a friend. I just finished creating a custom-designed site for her using the the Divi theme. Now my next task is to update her primary business website which is much bigger and I’m really nervous that I might break it.

She wants a whole new look for the site. I already have the designs approved but now my problem is I don’t know where to start.

The original developer of the site also used Divi but made a child theme which she named after her business name (just FYI, she’s no longer doing web development, she went back to working a corporate job).

I still intend on using the Divi builder but..

**My questions are:**

* Do I make direct edits to that child theme the original developer made? I don’t think it sounds like the best practice but I really don’t know.
* If I shouldn’t make direct edits to the child theme, what should I do then? How do I go about this? Can I clone the child theme and just work on the clone?

**And a few more info:** I need to retain the data/settings of the child theme because it contains a lot of custom code and I don’t want to mess with any of that because it’s utilizing an API to pull in some Real Estate data. So this makes switching themes a little more complicated.

I tried to google this but couldn’t find any answers.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated so I could get started!

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  1. Never rebuild a site on the production site. Do it on a staging site – either somewhere else on the server, a different server, or locally. “Local” []( is a very popular local development software package. Download the live site, restore it into your local setup.


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