Need Help with Advanced Customization in WordPress Child Theme (Generatepress free version)

I’m working on customizing a WordPress theme beyond what the WP admin panel offers. I’ve started by copying header.php
into my child theme, but I’m a bit stuck on what to do next.

My main issue is with the do\_action
calls in header.php
, such as do\_action( ‘generate\_header’ );
. These actions don’t seem to be what I need to edit for my customization needs. I believe the files I need to modify are located in /inc/structure/header.php
and navigation.php

My question is, should I also copy these files into my child theme? I’ve tried this approach, but any modifications I make to these files don’t seem to have any effect.

Am I missing a step, or is there a better approach to achieve deeper customization in my child theme? Any guidance or advice would be greatly appreciated!


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