Need Recommendations

So heres the deal: I am a freshie in the website building world and recently began an internship as a marketing coordinator, they completely understand that I am not a professional website builder and that I am learning. That being said I am the sole designer for our website. It needs to run good and look professional. I was tasked to rebuild and redesign the website, We currently use the DIVI builder and a divi theme paired with gravity forms we are not e-commerce but we need forms for customers scheduling service. The wordpress acount is kind of a mess between their last website builder, the studio that originally built it, and myself. I am running into issues with the gravity forms and I know that DIVI can be slow. Since we are revamping the website would it make sense to switch to another builder, just build on wordpress, or keep using divi. How hard is it to switch between builders and between themes, whats gonna break on me as I try to do this, what would be the best option to streamline between our forms and web building? The website that is up currently needs to remain up and unchanged until we are ready to launch the full rebuild. I have very little idea of what Im doing, I have been successful on building new pages with what we have now while building on the front end, starting to learn CSS but its still scary. TIA


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