Need some advice on how to secure a client contract.

Hey folks, first-time contributor here. I’m a web developer, primarily focused on crafting custom WordPress sites.

Here’s the scoop: I’ve been working with an agency, and during the onboarding phase, we created a sleek site for a local golf club on a CSR basis. Initially, it comprised just four essential pages, and it turned out quite impressive.

Fast forward, I recently approached the club’s GM independently to discuss expanding the site’s pages and content on a personal level, without involving the agency (freelancing). The GM suggested a meeting to strategize.

I aim to secure a retainer for continuous website development, monitoring, and maintenance services.

Seeking advice from those with direct clients: How did you pitch and secure favorable contracts in similar situations? What sort of preparation should I do before going into the meeting?

Ps: note that at no point did I mention any payments happening for the developments proposed thou I don’t expect he would think it’s still free.

Feel free to ask for more info.


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