Need some plugin recommendations for a client website with 1000+ products on WooCommerce

Currently picking up a furniture store client who has a hefty number of products. Right now, they are using WooCommerce and JetEngine to display a product grid – but honestly the website is horrendously slow right now and this JetEngine plugin seems to be the cause of a lot of their problems.

They have hired our agency to improve the shopping experience, which in this case is giving the user 1) faster loading search result pages and 2) actually being able to filter products (right now the only option is by newest or oldest products).

This is my first time messing with a store that has more than 30 products and now I’m dealing with 1000+ products.

I’m here to ask if any of you have experience with a similar website and what plugins you ultimately went with, both free/paid.

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  1. Sure,

    1. If possible use block based query addon for woocommerce products.

    Available in plenty gutenberg addon plugins like spectre, greenshift etc

    2. Use Redis cache for faster db access. Can be implemented easily via litespeed cache plugins
    Also ypur server should be supporting this.

    3. Use performant hosting. Definetely avoid likes of Godaddy

    4. Use cleaner them.

    These are some simple and easy to implement suggestions.


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