Need to automate page edits based on a form submission

I am trying to build an automation that creates new blocks (in the format of a reusable block) based on information from a form submission. The example workflow would be as follows:

1. User submits street address, photo, and a text description on the form
2. The form gets sent to WordPress site (I had imagined using Zapier to do this but it’s fighting me…open to suggestions on how to get the data from point A to point B as well)
3. WordPress (plugin, I imagine) would add a new reusable block to the bottom of the page with the information that was submitted by the user
4. Page is updated and new information is available publicly

The form editor I’m currently using is JotForm and I had imagined using Zapier to bridge the gap between JotForm and WordPress (i.e. creating a zap that pulls the information from the JotForm submission and pulls it into the new block on a specified page).

Does anyone have any ideas, suggestions, etc. for how to accomplish this? It seems that there are webhooks and other automation that can create a *post*, but I haven’t seen anything about updating an existing page. Is this even possible?

(Currently using the default Gutenberg editor just to get started, might change to Elementor at some point)



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